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7. Prepare all students to make a positive transition to adult life. SMART Goal = Social-Emotional 100% of 12th grade students at Sample School will be prepared for transition to adult life as measured by the completion of the “7-step Plan for Transition to Adult Life” during the 2006-07 school year. Graduation Transitions to assist in planning for your transition to adult life. A Transition Planning Workbook with sample transition plans is included in the back of this guide (pages 17‐37) to help you shape your goals and develop your own unique plan. You can use the planning workbook to assist you and your family in preparing for your.

Steps to a Successful Transition Plan Here are the five steps to help you develop a successful Transition Plan. This plan will guide your transition to adult life. Step 1 Build Your Transition Planning Team Step 2 Gather Information Step 3 Document Your Transition Plan Step 4 Put Your Plan Into Action Step 5 Hold a Leaving High School Meeting. Nov 02, 2016 · Here is a simple 7-step game plan to escape the Competency Trap and build an organization that is stronger, more scalable, and less reliant on you Author: David Finkel.

IEP SECTIONS 4 & 5: TRANSITION PLAN 3.7 Step 22 3.8 12 Plus 3.9 Developing Classroom Internship Sites life after graduation. It will be used to develop a long-range plan (or a plan for transition) that will be discussed at your yearly IEP meeting. YOUR NAME. Thursday, November 29, 2012 Lower Merion Administration Building Rooms 264 A&B 1. 2. Committee Structure 3! improve student life and the achievement of African-American students. CARE Goals 18! R - Report Provide a forum for the school district, schools, and.