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Trying to get a grasp on a cat's age can be confusing. After all, the cuties have different typical lifespans than humans, and they tend to retain their youthful appeal, even deep into older age. As with humans, the age of maturity depends on what facet of maturity you're considering. Spaying or neutering your kitty before this age is very highly recommended. Your kitty will be more or less her adult size by 1 year of age. However, she could take up to 4 years to mature fully, physically and behaviorally. Heftier breeds of cat usually take longer. Generic house cats and .

How to Calculate Cat Years to Human Years. One cat year does not equal seven human years. Read on for tips on determining your cat’s age and check out a helpful cat years to human years chart. Cats live a long time. A 15-year-old cat is comparable in age to a human in their mid-70s and by the time they are 20, they'd almost be 100 years old if they were a person. Any cat that is 15 or older is considered geriatric and should be visiting the veterinarian at least once every six months.Author: Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, LVT.

Other identifiers like species, breed, and the state of their organs can also help determine if a pet has reached old age. “The terms 'geriatric' and 'senior' also differ,” Dr. Lobprise said. While a cat may be considered senior, it's likely still healthy or just beginning to experience signs of aging. Mature cat eyes see far better than human eyes, especially in the dark, and cats also hear better than we do. Hopefully, your cat has already been spayed or neutered, which prevents unwanted pregnancy and offers other health benefits. A good way to bond with your cat, now that he is calmer and has settled down, is to brush him.