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Q: What is this black mucky stuff on the bottom of my pond and how do I get rid of it? – Several Customers. A: Over time, organics such as leaves, aquatic weeds or twigs fall into the pond and settle on the bottom. These organics slowly begin to decay and will create a mucky layer on the bottom . MuckMat Pro is the only lake muck control product that lets you walk over muck — without sinking! It is the simplest, safest, quickest, most effective way to handle lake bottom muck. Nothing compares — or even comes close. See for yourself — MuckMat Pro is Unique!

Controlling Mucky Bottoms – Pond & Lake Q & A. Posted on April 3, 2009 by thepondguy Kids covered in muck. Pond & Lake Q & A. Q: Over the years my pond has accumulated a lot of muck on the bottom of the pond. We used to go swimming in the pond, but the kids don’t like stepping into the muck. I would like to clean it up. What can I do? If you've ever gone swimming in a lake, you've no doubt felt the gooey substance that has gathered on the lake floor. That substance is called muck. It is the accumulation of dying and decaying organic material that has settled at the lake's bottom. Muck can come from algae, fish, grass and leaves. It does not only occur in private lakes.

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