- have u ever jerked off


have u ever jerked off -

Have you ever jacked-off with a friend? Have you ever jacked-off with a friend? (self.AskReddit) submitted 8 years ago * by throwaway200607. I was having a discussion with my friends the other day, both in healthy heterosexual relationships, and was surprised to learn when they were younger, they both jerked-off with friends. Jerking off. Oct 23, 2016 · I jerked him and he jerked me. We're just friends. Have you ever jerked off with another guy? Has anyone ever jerked off with another guy? A guy who is a jerk to another guy because he's jealous? More questions. GUYS: Have you ever tried to make friends with another guy, and he ended up being a jerk?Followers: 5.

One time years ago, I needed to use the restroom in a large mall, what happened was completely out of the blue. Suddenly, once seated, I was over come with a very horny mood and decided to masturbate before continuing with my day. At my age I coul. I am wondering if other guys enjoy jacking off in front of girls I love it, I also want to know if girls have seen or had a guy do it in front of them and whether girls like to watch us do it.

Have you ever caught a guy jerking off or just voluntarily watch a guy masturbate? Did you like it? Did it turn you on? Did it disgust you? Share a story if you like. Well ok. No. Well ok maybe. Well kinda. I’m going to try I mean. Well ok. YES YES I have. Christine Both only once. Ok twice. Ok a lot laying in the sun with tanning oil on kinda feels good. And things happen but hey it’s our pool our backyard.