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For some trans women wanting a full transition, there’s no avoiding HRT. In fact, if started before puberty, transgender women can avoid masculine development altogether. If you have already undergone HRT and are looking to speed up the breast development process, we . May 17, 2016 · Like more Videos like this? Make sure to Like, Comment & Subscribe! FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM:

But the final breast development may still be regarded as unsatisfactory, particularly in older patients, in which case implants may be desired. The Breast A breast (also known as a mammary gland) is a quite complex structure consisting of a mass of fatty tissue and nerves served by a good blood supply. A good example of the type of breast development that transsexual women starting female hormones post-puberty may achieve. Breast Development in the Transsexual Woman; Every person whether genetically male or female is born with milk ducts — a network of canals that transport milk through the breasts — present from birth.

This page contains images of a nude bustline. The images below are presented in an effort at education and to document one example of the bust development of a transgender individual. If you may find this material objectionable then please do NOT continue browsing this page. WARNING!